Tips for IAS Interview 2019 – Part 2

January 15, 2019
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January 18, 2019
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How to face IAS Interview

Personality tests are used to screen the two extremes the high and the low. Personality tests are done because the results of the written tests are not conclusive enough to make you stand out. Therefore, even if you do “very good” in the written test, you cannot afford to do just “good” at the personality test.
(1) Avoid taking extreme positions in your behavior and answers. Reflect your professional behavior and values.
(2) Focus your answers on how the question may fit your working situation.
(3) Keep a copy of your bio-data so that you can remind yourself what you have put on it.
(4) Be prepared to talk about yourself and your interests. The interviewers may start assessing your personality traits from this point.
(5) Do not pretend to understand what the interviewer is saying if you do not. Ask to have it repeated. Do not give wrong answers.
(6) Try not to answer just ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Briefly and objectively elaborate your point.
(7) Be your own strongest advocate in a tactful and courteous manner.
(8) Inject your own viewpoints convincingly as you answer the questions.
(9) Use your voice, body language, and personal style to impress the interviewers in ways that is not possible on papers. Project your personal qualities.
(10) Be an attentive listener. This will give you a chance to read the situation and adjust your strategy to the dynamics of the interview. Do not just react.
(11) Use hypothetical questions-like, how you would solve problems like so and so… as opportunities to project your strength, awareness, sincerity and honesty.
(12) Give reason for your opinions.
(13) Transform yourself from an ink-and-paper resume image to a flesh-and-blood person.
(14) Be sure that you can affect your mental attitude and use your knowledge to maintain a positive view.
(15) Study the sitting order of the interview Board carefully, if you have already received the sitting plan.
(16) See where the Chairman sits and decide your entry into the interview room accordingly, to create a good first impression.
(17) See the candidate’s seat to decide how you would approach that. Check up your stepping. If possible rehearse a little beforehand, at least mentally, to make sure of your right stepping. Do not take very fast steps.
(18) Avoid any clumsy entry. Gently knock at the door before you actually enter. Do not rush; gently walk-in.
(19) Do not show gesture of over-enthusiasm; do not shy or timid either. Be smart, gentle and polite. Do not forget to say, “Good Morning, Sirs”, (Do not say Sir, say Sirs. Do not address the Chairman alone, address the entire Board).
(20) Prepare well in advance how to approach the standard questions like, why do you want to join I.A.S.; what you like to do, in case you are not selected, etc.


…..more tips are continuing to next part.

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