This step looks - What are the characteristics of your personality

7 question papers of Mains Examination are subjective in nature. So it is a very big challenge to achieve the development of the accurate and scientific answer writing of the IAS Mains Examination. As most students do not know any particular methodology for writing the IAS Mains Answer, nor do they get the required guidance related to it. Therefore, they ignore it and then gives most of the time in preparing the Prelims exam data, facts and information, and developing and practicing Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).

On the other hand, the point of answer writing problem is that most of the efforts try to push forward the general approach of answer writing. This effort can not promote the development of special and expected abilities and skills to be an officer. The purpose of organizing the Main examination by the (UPSC) Union Public Service Commission is to find such abilities and skills within the candidate, which reflect the ability to become officers and fulfill the responsibilities related to the post. In simple words, the questions asked by the Union Public Service Commission include an attempt to find information about them as well as the ability to deal with problems.

The initial point of scientific answer writing is that how does the candidate 'problem analysis' or question analysis? During the question analysis, how to understand the demands and expectations of the question? After this, how does Alternative and Multiple Thinking develop so that it can Associate various points of knowledge? After that, how he/she prepares the keywords by which he/she writes the exact, expected, and scientific answer to the question.

Note that the ability to build keywords and their development and their compatibility as per the questions are most important because it is an intellectual possibility that the (UPSC)Union Public Service Commission evaluates the answers of questions on the basis of keywords. Apart from this, it focuses on grammar correctness, sentence structure, alignment and writing under the word limit.