CLS Method leads you to the development of Scientific Answer Writing.

T hrough CLS Method, every topic of the Civil Services Examination syllabus is created as a CLS sheet. Under the CLS Method, aptitudes and skills required for Civil Services Examination is taught to develop in the personality of students. CLS sheet Method is a tool by which examiners are taught the scientific thought system, accurate decision making, associating knowledge and attitudes of precise solutions.

The questions in the advanced section given under the CLS method are created to find a distinct logical analysis capability, as well as the answers to the questions are also provided to the students. So that student can justify the answers written by self, by comparing the answers of the institute, and find out his/her shortcomings and developing abilities more.

Remember that UPSC evaluates answers on the basis of keywords only, so the ability to generate keywords is inevitable development. Our CLS method makes sure to work for this. The development of Decision make problem-solving solving aptitude is possible through CLS Method only, which are the most important qualities of an officer.

CLS Method IAS is the only Registered Registered Study Method for the Main Examination. This method directly affects the core of the IAS exam and makes precise preparations.