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IAS interview
IAS interview in Hindi
December 27, 2018
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January 8, 2019
IAS interview

Tips for IAS Interview 2019 – Part 1

How to face IAS Interview 2019 – Part 1


There is no need to worry more about the interview after the result of the Main examination. Your interview can assume a variety of formats, and familiarity with each and all of them can help you avoid surprises. In this context, it is necessary to take care of certain things


  1. Your  IAS preparations begin with an inquiry into the social and developmental problems of the nation with a handsome knowledge of the history, geography, and culture of the country we live in.
  2. Interviews follow expected procedures and knowing them can make you an effective candidate.
  3. Interviewers have developed techniques designed to get beyond your prepared answers. You should know prepared answers. You should know what they and how to tackle them.
  4. Be well groomed. Your grooming should project your cleanliness. Avoid the use of strong perfumes or other accessories. Project modest and good taste.
  5. Know where you are going. If possible, visit the interview site once before the interview, if you have not been there before, make an on-time arrival.
  6. Attend to your personal comfort before arriving at the interview. Relax on arrival, but remain alert and attentive. No nervousness or excitement; keep a smiling face.
  7. Handle social protocols graciously and be aware whom you are meeting.
  8. Use your personal name or title modestly, but other people’s title professionally. Use Mr., or Mrs., or Dr. or Prof., while mentioning other’s title. Avoid using first names, unless their use is clearly indicated by your interviewer.
  9. Attend all the interviewers equally and treat them all with equal interest and respect-not just the Chairman.
  10. Expect to influence the interview’s direction with the way you respond to questions.
  11. Be enthusiastic about the interview and the opportunity.
  12. Recognize that you can affect your mental attitude, and use that knowledge to maintain a positive view of the interviewing situation.
  13. Make an effort to like and be liked in the interview process.
  14. Be courteous throughout the interview to present yourself as an attractive candidate.


…..more tips are continuing to the next part. so for that keep up to date with us



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