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December 16, 2016
IAS interview
IAS interview in Hindi
December 27, 2018
IAS interview


Difficult questions ever asked by Interviewers in IAS Interview

Important questions for IAS Interview 2019

After qualifying the Mains examination, the candidate has won more than half the battle. But the crucial Interview or Personality Test carrying 275 marks still remains as the final hurdle.

IAS interview


The reason why sole reliance is not put on the Mains examination is, as is well known, that in the search for the right candidates for the higher Civil Services, intellectual quality and knowledge of particular subjects are not enough.

The Civil Services Examination required a candidate’s personality and moral fiber are at least equally important, and that is where the interview comes in. Thus, the main purpose of the interview is to make a probe with a view to unveiling the personality traits that are critical for successful performance in a job.

We are giving some important and difficult IAS Interview Questions here…

  1. ‘Socialism’ is mentioned in the Preamble to the Constitution and India by going towards a market-oriented economy is violating the basic feature of the Constitution. Can the court interfere to save ‘Socialism’ as ‘Socialism’ has been held to be the basic feature of the Constitution?

  2. How can you reduce the energy consumption in this room, and, more specifically, how to reduce the operating cost of our air conditioning equipment? (The question was put to an engineering candidate)

  3. What qualities would you be expecting in a candidate, if you had been sitting in the Chairman’s seat?

  4. What do you understand by (a) God abhors naked singularity. (b) God doesn’t play dice?

  5. Do you think women have become more responsible than men as a result of the literacy campaign in India?

  6. If you are made a Deputy Commissioner, which law would you apply the most?

  7. Have you been able to put simplicity, honesty, and humility into practice?

  8. Elaborate on a- contemporary historical figure whose life and career was similar to that of Abraham Lincoln.

  9. How is it that in the land of Buddha, people clap when they see the violent scene in movies?

  10. What will be your main plank, if you were to float your own political party?

  11. What will be the headlines in the newspaper tomorrow?

  12. India being a diverse country with different cultures in different regions, how would you plan rural houses in India, so that, they conform to the regional cultures?

  13. What will be your reaction if you were required to walk six miles in the jungle for the performance of your duty as an Administrative officer?

  14. Do Indians have a fatalistic attitude towards life?

  15. Why Indian culture should be preserved or propagated at all?

  16. “Our Government is bankrupt while our country is not”. Comment.

  17. Should police be removed from political and bureaucratic control?

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IAS interview in Hindi


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