How to face IAS Interview part – 3

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January 18, 2019
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  1. Pause for a moment before responding, you need not to give an instant response. In fact, you may create a negative impression by immediately shooting back an answer every time.
  2. Sensibly use your knowledge. Show your interest in the interview and the job.
  3. Expect some difficult questions and be ready for it. Recognize the motives behind the question.
  4. Be alert to the messages sent by body language.
  5. Have positive expectations about your success during the interview.
  6. Realize that your evaluation continues, even when you leave the interview room. Continue to leave favorable impressions as you make your way out.
  7. Remain alert when the interviewers want to conclude the session and cooperate with them reaching a gracious ending point.
  8. Be positive, but objective in assessing how you performed; realistically try to rate your chances of receiving the appointment.
  9. Be totally honest with yourself, as to how you did and what the opportunity was. Were you at ease with the interviewers?
  10. Try to read the body language of your interviewers or the signal, when it is time to quit, do not overstay.
  11. Do not create any souring point in an otherwise good interview. This is not the time of opening new lines of your observations or elaborating clarifications on points already made.
  12. Personality Test starts the moment you step in the interview room and it continues even after you conclude the interview.
  13. Expect some embarrassing moments during the Test; try to avoid expressing nervousness; correct yourself consciously; apply your common sense and work quality.
  14. Prepare well on your home state and your optional subjects.
  15. Create a good first impression. Groom yourself well to look neat and tidy. Put on a smart dress.
  16. Express your thoughts freely with clarity.
  17. You may have to wait at the Waiting Hall. Make friends with other candidates. Discuss with them about the interview or on current affairs. This will make you at home with the interview atmosphere.
  18. Try to know discreetly about the members of the interview board. This may help you to form an opinion about the direction of the interview, or/and to anticipate probable questions.
  19. Be your natural self. Do not become over-enthusiastic, nor shy or timid.
  20. Control a large part of the interview by injecting your points and your line of arguments as your answer.
  21. Better say “sorry” or that “you do not know” to questions, the answer of which is not known to you, rather than guessing or giving wrong answers.
  22. Use your voice and personal style to impress the interviewers in ways that were not possible on paper.
  23. Avoid leaving an intangible negative impression.


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