How to do essay writing

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“How to do essay writing

If you have willing to crack UPSC mains exam and You have clear UPSC prelims exam so I hope you facing This question So Many times that “how to do essay writing” To crack UPSC Mains exam or also another competitive exam 


But before Reading About Essay writing we would like to suggest to you. You should know about UPSC mains examination syllabus and pattern 


Now if you have understood or read about UPSC mains examination pattern then you can Move on a further step


The most difficult part in the second phase of the UPSC examination is considered essay writing but it is not so difficult to work as people understand it. If we adopt the right approach, then we can easily write essays in the UPSC.

Therefore, we can say that writing an essay in the UPSC is an art which can come only through practice. In the essay writing, you have to write your thoughts and thoughts on the basis of your information with logic in the correct order and for this, you can collect the right information as well as possible.

A good essay is considered to be the same in which your emotions and your information reach the person who gets the information

If you have now gathered basic information about the UPSC examination and essay writing then you can now move on to the second stage.

In which we will show you some tips related to essay writing in UPSC mains exam which will help you in the essay section of the UPSC Mains exam.




And defiantly you should learn “Art of essay writing

Tips for “how to write an essay”:-


  1. Follow the Format

    :-(Do not follow paragraph format only)
    mostly student got failed in essay writing because of  many reasons but the major reason is they don't know about the structure of essay writing .you should follow the proper structure of essay writing, mostly student writing their essay in just paragraph format and because of that it does not look so good 

Three basic pillar of essay writing:-

  1. Introduction
  2. Body 
  3. Conclusion 

               These are the basic pillars of essay writing and apart from this you can also use 

               So many points but frequently 

  1. Mind mapping

    If you want to write a good essay for crack UPSC mains exam or any other competitive exam also so you should follow the mind mapping or make an outline of your essay on paper 

Note:- during Mind mapping you can comment so many errors but don’t worry it will make your essay better better



  1. Good handwriting

    after the format and mindmapping you can also work on your handwriting if you will work on your handwriting Day by Day so it would be Plus point for you because mostly examiner prefer or like clear and good handwriting more than normal or hotch potch handwriting 

Tip:- you can also start your practice with cursive writing



  1. Write simply

    this is the most important thing for  your Essay writing you should be writing an essay as simple as  you can it means do not use heavyword, do not make it complicated for make it interesting you can use some phrase 


  1. Express yourself /thought

    :- (do not copy past)
    we have noticed many time lots time in essay writing lots of candidate use newspaper knowledge or book knowledge but they didn't use their own point but in UPSC essay writing examiner wants to know your thought process .so just express your thoughts about the topic


  1. Focused on Topic

    mostly aspirent doing this thing for just making a long essay they Using useless information it means they writing out of the topic they didn't have focused on main topic .so we would like to suggest you to focused main topic to do good UPSC essay writing 



  1. Grammatical error

    either you have chosen English or Hindi language For your essay writing it doesn't matter but you should be command on your grammatical error or mistake examiner can do minus your marks because of this mistake 



  1. Strong database knowledge

    for writing a good essay in UPSC mains exam you should also work on your database of knowledge for more information and knowledge to express your thoughts in UPSC mains exam


Tip:- For That You can also visit:- Top 10 Books For IAS Preparation


  1. Start with a quote

    :- “the
    first Impression is the last impression” start your essay using this kind of phrase or interesting quotes to fetch the attention of the examiner 


  1. Short paragraph

    : -
    if you want continues attention of your examiner when he/she is reading  your essay so you should always try to write a small paragraph (approx 2 or 3 lines) through this trick examiner will not get bored and the examiner can understand much about your topic 


Last but not least


  1. Practice makes a perfect man

    if you want to be perfect in so you have to practice because this is the key of success through the practice you will analyze your mistake and after that, you can improve your essay writing skills for Upcoming UPSC exam 2019







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