Benefits of ‘The Hindu’ Newspaper for UPSC Exam Preparation?

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March 18, 2019
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April 5, 2019
Almost every aspirant know the importance of the reading newspaper for 'UPSC' CIVIL SERVICE Exam preparation. 'THE HINDU' is the most recommended Newspaper

Why should we read 'THE HINDU' Important

'THE HINDU' Newspaper is people's choice Also. It gives priority to areas of national concern and usually avoids trivial issues/ masala items. But reading The Hindu completely gives you proper awareness in Daily News.

Suggestion for effective and fast reading of the 'THE HINDU' Newspaper

There are the following tips for effective reading. From these tips, you will see that your speed of reading much better than before

1. Page 1 you just see through News headlines don't waste time on the front page

2. Page 2-6 page no 2 to 4 only regional news about the cities and pages 4, 5 news of respective states as these are not so important from IAS exam point of view, you can skip these.

3. Page 7 page 7 is so important to point of view focus on the supreme court and High court consideration parliamentary debates, a Government order etc. Many students make a current affair by this page

4. page 8 EDITORIAL PAGE 'THE HINDU' This is the Most important page of the Newspaper from UPSC Exam perspective. Carefully read the two 'Editorials' one is given Left margin. and move the LEAD article this is Excellent Analysis of a current issue. try to finish everything within 30-40 minutes

5. Page 9 perspective page this is where you see the "opposite the editorial page" is written prose piece typically published by a Newspaper or a magazine read this to get a different perspective on current issues.

6. Page 10 11 there is no need to read deeply because of this page deals with news in general just knowledge of what happening around

7. Page 12 WORLD this page would be useful be a part of UPSC syllabus. spend some time to read this.

8. Page 13 14 BUSINESS you find socio-economic issues related to women, education or health, economics. Read in-depth.

9 Sports page and life Read important sports news like record break, world cup related to any sports and ignore life page.

NOTE: Never miss Sunday's the edition of The Hindu science and technology. It covers many questions prelims and mains both as well as.


1 Local News
2 Political News
3 Masala News like Filmfare awards celebrities interview etc.
4 Sports title news

online test series
benefit of the Reading Newspaper


1 Analise current issue Editorial page and Co-Ed page
2 High court and supreme courts
3 Bussines News
4 The issue of International and National Importance
5 Science and Technology

Can succeed in UPSC Exam without Reading 'THE HINDU' Newspaper?

The answer is yes there is another Newspaper like Indian express, magazine, current affairs books, online test series, mobile apps etc.

But We suggest that you should read 'THE HINDU' Newspaper as a daily exercise atleast1 hour daily for Civil services exam and it'll give you multiple benefits. The most important benefit would be a 'visual memory' its helps in prelims, mains, interview.

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