CLS Method is the only Copyright Registered Study Method for IAS Main Examination.

T he purpose of organizing the Main examination by the Union Public Service Commission is to find such abilities and skills within the candidate, which reflect the ability to become officers and fulfill the responsibilities related to the post. In simple words, the questions asked by the Union Public Service Commission include an attempt to find information about them as well as the ability to deal with problems.

It is a very big challenge to achieve the development of the accurate and scientific answer writing of the IAS Mains Examination. As most students do not know any particular methodology for writing the IAS Mains Answer, nor do they get the required guidance related to it. CLS Method IAS is the only Registered Registered Study Method for the Main Examination.

The CLS method leads to capability development at a level, where students create very important concepts and issues related to the topic, and practicing the ability of conceptual diversity. This stage allows the scientific and innovative thinking system and the candidates recommend suitable decisions and solutions in the context of problems. In this level the candidates receive the necessary aptitude and skills for the Indian Administrative Services and experience them. At this stage, candidates practice writing Advanced Q & A.