We foster a new teaching method that also develop aptitude and skills to become officer with knowledge

A ccording to the changes made by the recommendations of the Second Administrative Reforms Commission and the recommendations of the Arun S. Nigavekar Committee in the Civil Services Main Examination in 2013 and according to All India Services (Conduct) Rule 2014, - "The government needs such officers who alone have the ability to make decisions on their own merit, and who are able to make decisions in public interest to use public resources effectively and economically."

The traditional method of preparation related to the UPSC or IAS exam pattern prior to the year 2013 is no longer relevant, and a new system requires constructing a solid foundation for the development of personality and the development of administrative capabilities (Aptitude).

In the context of this goal, developing the understanding of the real preparation of the Civil Services Examination is a priority. The main objective is that students should be protected from being confused during the preparation of IAS.