More than 150 selections have been in UPSC and State Commissions.

S amudra IAS Institute was established in 2012 and its registration was done in the year 2013. With its establishment, the Samudra IAS institution has focused on the development of the teaching method related to the IAS Main exam preparation, and after several years of research, in the form of CLS method, it has developed a teaching method that can be used for a highly competitive UPSC or IAS examination. CLS Method is working successfully in the context of IAS preparing and successfully passing it.

Samudra IAS institute has also got the copyright of the CLS method. Thus it is the first IAS Institute of India, which is consistent with the copyright registered study method for UPSC preparation.

One of the achievements is that the Samudra IAS Institute is India’s first institute that publishes scientific answers of the main exam, and claims the ability to write scientific answers to solve any questions or problems related to the IAS Mains Examination/ UPSC Prelims-Mains-Interview.

Continuous results and success have been received by the Samudra IAS Institute Mukherjee Nagar Delhi from the very next years of its establishment year and so far more than 150 selections have been in different examinations of UPSC and State Commissions.