Why Samudra IAS?

Preparing three steps for Civil Services Examination 2020

What is a CLS method?

The only formula developed for the most competitive and difficult exams in India, which makes UPSC Main Exam preparation easy and result oriented. The CLS method is the first copyright register study method of the IAS exam (ROC - L78701 / 2018). With the CLS method, we make your prelims, mains and interview preparation most accurate and scientific.

The motivation for the development of this method is based on innovative efforts and ideas different from the usual. Because becoming an IAS or Class One officer is not just a job but also an attempt to change life in a positive way. When you think different from the crowd, you stand apart from the crowd, only then you also show the ability to become an IAS. Note that a special examination can be passed only with special, strategic and scientific efforts. In a country like India where about 10 lakh applications are received for about 1000 posts of Civil Service Examination and about 5 lakh students appear in the Preliminary Examination. Therefore, final selection cannot be taken without any scientific methodology. With this method, you are prepared for final selection with just 10 months of advanced course. To know these things in detail, please contact us.

Advanced study material

IAS Mains Test Series 2020

The Advanced Study Material has been prepared by Samudra IAS specifically for the regular and weekend classes prescribed under the copyright CLS method, which is able to directly address the main exam difficulties. Contact the institute for more information.

Regular and weekend classes

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The CLS method takes 10 and 12 months under regular and weekend courses. Our course program focuses 100 percent on Main exam preparation and development of answer writing. Contact the institute for more information.

Online and offline test series

Current Affairs Test Series For UPSC 2020

The test series based on highly competitive standards of UPSC has been produced by Samudra IAS. Samudra IAS is the first institution in India to conduct an online test series of current affairs based on The Hindu News Paper. Contact the institute for more information.

Flexible and reasonable fees Criteria

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Our fees for high quality complete courses of General Studies (P+M), Optional subjects, CSAT are lower than other institutes. Students can also pay the course fee through EMI facility. Contact the institute for more information.

How to crack the 'Core' or IAS Mains Examination?

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Lectures by Dr. Zeenat Khan And S. Riyaj Ahemad IAS CSE 2018

  • P. A. Nanda (UPSC 2014)
    During my preparation, CLS method has proved to be very helpful in developing scientific answers to the Mains Examination Questions, with directly affecting the problem solving approach and problem analysis capability. Capability to generate Keywords is panacea.
  • Prabhat Kumar (UPSC 2015)
    I have realized the ability to get the results within one year by CLS method, which generally obtained in 2 to 3 years in the preparation of the IAS examination.
  • K. Arun (UPSC 2016)
    The CLS method and ‘Mains Answers Keys’ (MAK) focus directly on the preparation of the core of the IAS examination, and for this reason I could not get away from my dream goal and remained confident throughout the preparations.